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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lookitt! I'm a Follower......

Due to the overwhelming popularity of doing a google search with "Your name here" Needs..... I too, have succumbed. This is what I found.

1.Jenny needs to find herself a baller ( duh!)
2.Jenny needs to see herself as a good reader ( I thought I was)
3.Jenny needs to build up her modest pool of background knowledge (says who?)
4.jenny needs to demonstrate more self control (don't we all?)
5. Jenny needs your support ( of course I do)
6. Jenny Needs Space! ( yes, and lots of it)
7.How many inches of wooden strip does Jenny need? ( see #1)
8.Jenny needs her flat keys back ( I'm also missing a trombone and a potholder)
9.Jenny needs to have two 45–60-minute runs every day, as well as two or three 20–30 minute walks. (egad! That's a lot of walkin')
10.Jenny may need to consider making some selective changes to her budget. ( sad, but so very true)


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