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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's Un-Legal

Today's post is mostly about my shall we say 'odd' in-laws. Specifically my mother-in-law and her mother. They are two of the most kind hearted people you will ever meet. They would do just about anything in the world for you. Now, I know you're wondering why in the world I'm writing about these two sweet souls....well, the truth is they are as sweet as they are umm...let's see...what word am I looking for here? They are unique, yes, that's it. Sit down, grab a drink and some kleenex to wipe away the tears (on second thought, you may want to forget about the drink - you'll see what I mean in a minute).
One of my favorite things about my MIL and GMIL is that they can laugh in tandem. (Do people do that??) Their giggles just meld together into one long seemingly well rehearsed cackle. It's almost like cackles in harmony. For those in the know you can tell the difference in the cackle, but it does take practice. I will never forget the first time I was in the presence of the 'tandem cackle' as I have come to think of it. I had just been dating my husband for about 2, maybe 3 months. At the time, my husband's sister and her son lived in the same house with my husband and his mother. The nephew, C was about 4 at the time. The BaldMan and I had gone to our first 'family' outing for his grandfather's birthday. We were eating dinner at a local restaurant. Please keep in mind that I had met the entire family before this on many occasions so, I wasn't entirely new. We had finished our meal and were sitting around the table talking. The BaldMan and I just happened to be holding hands. C saw this and looked at his uncle and said "BaldMan is Jenny your husband?" No sooner were those words out of that child's mouth than I heard THE CACKLE for the first time. MIL and GMIL were laughing at C's question. I looked around trying to figure out how in the name of Pete two different people were laughing the EXACT same laugh. It was scary there for a second (It STILL is scary). Then I noticed that I was the only one at the table mesmerized, transfixed or maybe scared of the phenomenon I was witnessing. Since that day, I have come to not only expect the cackle ( Sometimes for no reason apparent to anyone in the room other than these two) but to look forward to it.

Would you like another MIL story??? Of course you would. This one is relatively recent. Last week, my MIL came over for a visit ( did she call first??? heck no.....but that's another story for another day). Anywho, she came over and told us that there had been something wrong with her washing machine. It just wasn't filling up very well and it didn't seem to be getting the clothes clean the way it should have. Why she was just now noticing this after at least 5 years, I have no clue. But, she was now bothered by her washing machine's lackluster performance. So, she called the plumber. Yes, the plumber. Normal people and by normal , I mean someone NOT my MIL or GMIL would have called someone who worked with home appliances. So, MIL calls the plumber, who comes over and tells her that the washing machine hose wasn't hooked up correctly. He fixed the minor problem and went on his merry way. When MIL came over for her usual visit she told us the story of the washing machine not working. When the BaldMan asked what the problem had been my MIL said that the washing machine was hooked up 'UN-LEGALLY'. I fell off of the couch. The washing machine was UN-LEGAL.

It was UN-LEGAL. That, my friends explains so very much.